Get to Know the Mega Man Video Game

The Mega Man video game been played on every Nintendo console since the Nintendo Entertainment System came out in the 80s. Though has classified in with other old games like the original Mario Brothers, this new title for the Wii-U delves into the origin of the famous blue robot. This time around, it comes to light that the original MegaMan began life as a young boy named Tsuko who used to work for Dr. Light as an exosuit tester. Once he dons the suit, Tsuko becomes the titular character, with the ability to shoot lasers, hover, run quickly and use a variety of special weapons that are taken from defeated enemies. ProtoMan, the predecessor of the little blue suit, is piloted by Tsuko's friend Eric Carter. Rather than wielding laser cannon, ProtoMan is equipped with a sword and shield. He does become a playable character during some sequences.

The initial origin paints a different story. In the first Mega Man video game, he began life as an android named Rock, who was created as a lab assistant for Dr. Light. Once he is betrayed by Dr. Wily, Dr. Light transforms Rock into an offensive robot, creating the character that has held a special place in peoples' hearts since the initial release in 1987. All of the original titles were side scrollers, meaning the user moved his or her character from left to right in order to progress. The main character had to defeat a series of increasingly difficult enemies, and many of them could only be defeated by a weapon taken from yet another enemy. This series continued until 1994 with five original releases, as well as some varying handheld arcade casino games . The series, as of the time of this writing, has no official conclusion, and the Nintendo creators do not seem to be keen on writing one.

The origin of Mega Man is interesting as he is one of those characters like Mario that has stood the test of time, and the fact that a new offering is being released using the same characters is a testament to that. It is currently Capcom's most prolific franchise with over 50 titles on multiple systems that have sold a total of 29 million copies. There isn't a player that was young in the 90s that isn't familiar with the catchy techno soundtrack and immersive game play. New generations may be getting introduced to a new origin story for the little blue robot, but the character still lives on in the hearts and minds of everyone who ever picked up a controller.