Learn the Basic Roulette Rules Before You Place a Bet

Roulette is about much more than simply walking up to the table, putting down some chips, and hoping for the best. In fact, if you've never played it before, then you might actually feel a little overwhelmed the first time you get a look at that table. As with live baccarat games, there are tons of squares, chips scattered everywhere, and very little indication as to what anything means. This guide to the basic roulette rules and strategies will help you figure it all out.

First, you need to pick a place where you will play. Our recommendation is Ignition casino, which has many live roulette tables for any stake you want to play. They are well known and have very generous bonuses for players that are among the best in the industry, so you can be sure that your money will be in safe hands and you will have a great time. So now that you know where to play, it's time to talk about some strategies.

The idea here is not always to pick the exact pocket where the ball will land, but to choose a category in which that pocket will fall. So, while you might feel tempted to walk up and put your $5 chip on 32, remember that you can just as easily put that chip on red, on even, or on the high numbers, instead. The difference is that the odds for winning are much higher when you bet on a broad category, and although you will only win even money, it's better than throwing your money down the drain by trying to get that 36:1 payout on the straight (single number) bet.

So, that's pretty much it. When you play online roulette, there isn't even any etiquette to remember. Just choose your chip, click the area of the board that represents your chosen category, and then click spin. In a nutshell, don't look at it like you have to pick the exact number; look at it like you can pick the color, whether or not the number will be even or odd, or even whether it is going to be high or low.

The best way to practice these roulette rules is to find yourself an arcade online casino that offers up free gambling. That's right - you don't always have to spend money to check out the titles they offer. In fact, some will let you keep playing indefinitely without ever making a deposit. Of course, if you ever want to play for real money, you'll need to make that deposit at some point.