Play Defender Arcade Game Here

The Defender arcade game was one of the highest grossing titles of its type in the history of coin-operated machines. During the golden era of arcade games, Defender netted over a billion dollars for Williams. This was a time when people had to leave their homes and go to actual arcades in order to play the latest offerings in the gaming world. Now, people have the option to enjoy almost anything that they can think of from the comforts of their own homes, including a selection of live roulette games. These classic versions are making a comeback on video consoles, too.

Defender is one of the most difficult titles that was released during this time frame. The control system has many buttons that you will need to learn in order to be successful - or to progress, for that matter. While the old version had a lot of buttons, the newer version offered for consoles such as the Xbox do not have as many ports and controls. This can make it a bit easier since there are not as many functions to remember. The graphics have been enhanced in a subtle manner. These enhancements can be turned off if a person feels that they ruin the integrity of the game.

as with Space Invaders, the idea is to fly from right to left or left to right around a scrolling landscape and try to wipe out the aliens that are threatening to take over. You want to take out the aliens as fast as you can because if you are too slow, the landers are going to capture all of the humans and turn them into mutants. The mutants will then buzz around you and spit bullets at you at an extremely fast rate. This makes it even harder to get rid of the aliens. If you take way too long to get rid of the aliens, you will run into the baiters. These baiters fly extremely fast and will hit you with great accuracy. Speed is the name of this game and if you are not fast enough for the Defender arcade game, you are going to be punished.