All about the Game of Arkanoid

Released by Taito Corporation in Japan in 1986, Arkanoid is classic arcade game that came out 10 years earlier. The 80s version features much better graphics, power-ups, and an exciting sci-fi theme, but when you actually play, it is just like Breakout, which was released in 1976.

When it comes to old games, Breakout is definitely a classic. It was designed as a one-player variation on the 1972 Atari title, Pong, and was rather advanced for the time period. Players moved a rectangular paddle back and forth across the bottom of the screen to bounce a small ball into colorful blocks stacked across the top portion. The ball would destroy the blocks it collided with, but the game was over if the ball fell off the bottom of the screen. This simple concept has inspired a number of new, more advanced titles, including the Taito classic that was released in the 80s.

The origin of Arkanoid can be traced back to Breakout, but this variation is much more engaging and features a story line like more modern offerings. A small ship called the Vaus escaped from the mother ship just before it was destroyed by alien vessels. The Vaus, which is actually your paddle, must demolish the blocks to survive while dodging the alien obstacles. Sometimes, you will need to hit the blocks two or three times to destroy them, while some blocks are completely indestructible. You can catch a variety of power-ups to change the size of the paddle, catch the ball, or even fire lasers to eliminate blocks faster. Like Breakout, the objective is to achieve the highest score possible before losing all of your lives.

For an old game, Arkanoid can still provide plenty of entertainment to players who want to enjoy a classic arcade hit. This isn't the only Breakout-style game available. Several clones and copies have been created over the years, along with a few modern takes that offer better graphics and more advanced features. You will find an assortment of variations for PCs, as well as apps for mobile devices.