In Mario Brothers, you get to be the hero saving New York City

Mario Brothers is a classic video game that was developed and launched in 1983 by Nintendo for their arcade collection. Shigeru Miyamoto is the creator of Mario Brothers. It was featured in the Super Mario Advance series as a mini game. It also appeared in several other games. Moreover, it was released for the second time for Nintendo 3DS, Wii U virtual console and Wii in Australia, Japan, Europe and North America.

In Mario Brothers game, Mario is a plumber of Italian-American descent who with the help of his brother Luigi crush creatures originating from New York City's sewers. The gameplay involves kicking the creatures and flipping them over so they can be exterminated. The original version for the arcade and family computers received positive reviews.


Two plumbers, i.e., Luigi and Mario, star in Mario Brothers. They inspect the sewers in New York City after unusual creatures were spotted there. The objective is to annihilate all the enemies on every stage. Movements are jumping and running. Unlike the latest Mario titles, players can't squash enemies unless they are already flipped over. Each stage is a series of various platforms that have pipes on every corner of the screen and a POW that blocks the center. Through each stage, players can exit either side on the screen and appear on the opposite side.

Similarly to Dig Dug and other arcade games, points are earned through defeating the enemies in succession. Players can also join bonus rounds so they can earn more points. The creatures must be kicked once they flip on their backs. When a player lets the creature stay on its back for too long without kicking it, it will flip over again, change in color and become faster. Each stage has specific amounts of enemies; the final enemy is the one who changes in color and moves faster. The creatures are categorized into four: the Sidestepper, Shellcreeper, Fighter Fly and Slipice. The Sidestepper has to be hit twice so it can flip on its back; the Shellcreeper just walks around; the Fighter Fly jumps and can only be kicked when it is on the platform while the Slipice makes the platform turn into ice and will die instantly when hit from below. The "POW" will flip all creatures on the platform. It could be used for 3 times before it will disappear. In the minigame version, three uses of POW means a loss of one card for the opponent. In the remake version, the pipes are straight and spit fire balls at times. When the enemies are killed, coins appear and should be collected to earn bonus points. As you progress on the game, new twists make it more difficult. Fireballs travel from both directions and icicles get loose and fall on the platform. A player can enjoy collecting coins without enemies on bonus rounds.