Play Dig Dug Arcade Game Now

It is becoming easier to enjoy the history of Namco's older classics through the Wii, as the console now offers access to more than one of the coin-operated hits. The latest release is the Dig Dug arcade game. It recently arrived in the Wii shop, taking its place along such titles as Xevious, Galaga, and Pac-Man. All of these are nostalgic and offer World of Games a chance to play the titles of their youth. This is something that many people enjoy, even if they do not offer all of the great graphics and other elements of the options that available today.

The Dig Dug arcade game is a battle of trying to tunnel through the Earth in order to get your enemies in range of your weapon. As things progress, enemies will come at you from every angle. You will have to take care as your weapon is a simple hose with an air pump. It is hard to use and quite unwieldy. The weapon is shot at your enemy and will freeze them with the first shot. You then have to continuously pump them full of hot air until they expand and then explode. This takes some time and while you are trying to kill one enemy another may be trying to attack. When pumping the plunger, make sure that you get in enough pumps or the enemy will simply deflate and start chasing after you once more.

There are two types of foes that Dig Dug faces in the game. They are the Pookas and Fygars. The Pookas are much easier to fight as they do not fight back. The Fygars will fight back by shooting fire at you. The other obstacle is the falling rocks. These are placed randomly throughout the levels and if you are beneath one, it will shake and fall. The new version that is available on the Wii is just like the original that you will remember from your childhood. As you would likely expect, it is still fun to play and will offer many hours of enjoyment. You may also want to check out Mario Bros for another blast from the past.